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Privacy Notice


The management methods, concerning how the site processes the personal data of people consulting it, have been described on this page. This is, furthermore, information that is provided in compliance with Article 13 of the (Italian) Legislative Decree Law No. 196/2003 – The Personal Data Protection Code in favour of all those who interact with Ape & Partners S.p.A. web services, which are accessible by internet from the following address:

This information is only provided for the Ape & Partners S.p.A. site, and not for any, other sites that might be consulted by the user by means of links. The information has also been inspired by Recommendation No. 2/2001, that the competent, European Authorities, which protect personal data, through the Group created further to Article 29 of the Directive No. 95/46/CE, adopted on 17th May 2001, to identify the minimum requirements necessary for online, personal data collection and, in particular, the methods, time schedules and nature of the information that the data processing holders must undertake to supply users, when the latter connect to the website, independently of the reason why they connected. The Recommendation and a brief description of its aims has been set forth in other pages on this site.


Further to consulting this site, the data relative to the individual, who has been identified or may be identified further to consulting this site, may be processed. The data processing Holder is Ape & Partners S.p.A., whose registered offices are located in Sestiere San Marco n°3877-Palazzo Corner Spinelli- 30124 Venezia-Italy (VE) REA VE N°413089.


Data processing connected with this site’s web services takes place care off Ape & Partners S.p.A.’saforementioned registered offices, and care off the offices of third parties who work with the company, and who have been specifically appointed in their capacity of external data processing controllers


Navigation data

The IT systems and software procedures set up to operate this website acquire, during normal use, some personal data, whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols. It is information that has not been collected to be associated with specific individuals, but, due to its very nature, could, through processing and association with the data held by third parties, identify the users. IP addresses or the domain names of the computers used by users, who connect to the site, fall into this category, as well as the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the resources requested, the time of the request, the method adopted in submitting the request to the server, the size of the file obtained by way of response, the code number indicating the state of the reply given by the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relative to the user’s operative systems and the IT environment. This data is only used to obtain anonymous, statistical information concerning the site’s use and to check its accurate, functioning capacity, and is cancelled immediately after it has been processed. The data could be used to ascertain liability in the case of hypothetical, IT crimes, committed against the site: except in this case, the web contact data does not exist for more than seven days.

Data supplied voluntarily by the user

The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of e-mails, sent to the addresses indicated on this site, leads to the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address, which is required to reply to his requests, as well as any other, personal data that has been added to the communication. Specific, brief information is progressively set forth or visualised on the pages of the site that has been created for particular services on request.